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“an iPhone can make music, but is it art?”

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an iPhone music recording app
  • with all of the iPhone’s music making options, people are starting to ask the question, “is music still music when the instrument is an iPhone?” it seems that the answer is yes.
  • the stanford mobile phone orchestra is pushing the limits of what people consider music to be. they play with iPhones, using fingerless gloves, with small speakers attached to the phones.
  • part of the appeal of these music apps is that they’re relatively easy to use, says daniel trueman, who leads princeton’s laptop orchestra, a similar music venture.
  • both electronic orchestras have bigger goals than merely displaying the potential of the technology. they also want to make music, using good musicians.
  • a duke professor is impressed by the quality of music that can come from iPhones. but with any music, it’s still easy to write “bad” pieces, arrangement that don’t sound good, regardless of whether it’s coming from a traditional or electronic orchestra.
  • the stanford mobile phone orchestra plays pieces ranging from well-known songs to original compositions written specifically for iPhones.
  • while no one expects the iPhone to replace the violin anytime soon, many musicians are excited to see its full potential
  • the stanford mobile phone orchestra has even talked about having a joint concert w/ the san francisco symphony.
  • these new electronic orchestras don’t seem to be too concerned w/ whether or not people think of them as legitimate or not, with one experimental musician saying, “let’s let history sort out whether it’s of value or not.”


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December 9, 2009 at 1:11 am

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