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“google adds live results from twitter to searches”

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google's vice president introduces new google features at a CA summit on monday

  • on 12/7, google announced a few new features that experts are predicting may change the way people search on the web — the biggest addition to web searches being live results from twitter.
  1. search by voice-google’s vp for engineering, vic gundotra, led the summit, first by introducing searching by voice for mobile phones (adding japanese to the list of languages it already uses — english and chinese — he said eventually all major languages would be added). another cool capability google is exploring is being able to instantly translate a search, for example, searching by voice in english and having google’s results read back to the user in spanish (target timeline for this technology is 2010).
  2. search by location-the experimental tool “google goggles” allows users to take a picture on their mobile phone and submit it to google (to come up as an image result on a query). to upload pics, users must first go to google labs. to illustrate the full potential of this ambitious tool, gundotra said that in the future, the new tool might even be able to analyze a person’s face as an image and come up with his / her name. obviously, some privacy issues need to be figured out first before this becomes a reality.
  3. real-time search-finally, google fellow amit singhal took the state, explaining the need to update search results by the second (not just by the minute, which it currently does). this means items like tweets and blog posts will pop up as soon as they’re posted. this is in the wake of google’s contract with twitter, which it signed in october. real-time search will be available to android and iPhone users ASAP. google is also making deals w/ facebook and myspace, making updates on public pages and recent comments available on google searches.


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