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an iPhone camera
  • this article makes the argument that the best camera is the one that’s always there when you need it (i.e. your iPhone’s) and also praises its one-click simplicity.
  • this is professional photographer chase jarvis’s claim to fame, whose web site,, encourages people to upload photos to his site directly from their cell phones.
  • the article introduces 15 of the best iPhone camera apps of the roughly 2,000 out there (all similarly simple), most of which range from free to $2.99.
  • some of the better apps described:
  • “snap the shot”
  • these apps are quick and simple ways to take pictures and share them. they include jarvis’s app, “best camera,” which costs $2.99 and allows you to snap the shot using an antishake feature and shutter timer, then edit the photo using filters and effects and finally uploading the pic to facebook, twitter, your email or his web site.
  • “edit and add filters”
  • these apps allow you to tweak your photo after taking it but before sharing it. apps like “crop for free” let you crop your photos for free. other apps like “shakeitphoto” let you make your pictures look like polaroids for just 99 cents.
  • “get creative”
  • these apps let you manipulate your photos even more, like “colorsplash,” which turns a photo to black and white and then allows you to go back and add color to certain areas of the photo. there’s also “tiltshift generator” app, which allows you to pick a focal point of the photo and blur out the background.
  • “sharing the results”
  • finally, these apps let you share your finished product. “your photo-sharing app” is free and lets you share your photos on whatever online photo sharing site you use (ex. flickr). there’s also “pixelpipe,” which lets you upload photos to all of your photo-sharing sites at the same time (up to 95 destinations).


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