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“is palm’s comeback losing steam?”

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jon rubinstein, former head of apple’s iPod unit, now palm chief
  • palm, the godfather of “web surfing pocket computer phones” is now in the shadow of a slew of smartphone companies — apple, research in motion, samsung, microsoft, google and nokia.
  • palm “invented” this category of phone in 2002 w/ its trio line of phones
  • to combat this drop off in sales and downward trend toward irrelevancy, palm created a new management team (full of ex-apple employees); they released the palm pre in june for sprint and just came out w/ the pixi on sunday.
  • although both of palm’s new phones have received favorable reviews, no one’s paying that much attention, thanks to verizon’s aggressive ad campaign of its new motorola droid phone (plus sprint’s similar “hero” phone, which also uses droid technology).
  • b/c of this lack of sales, developers haven’t approached palm to write new applications like they have for iPhone and android phones
  • as the SMALLEST company in the market, palm is dangerously close to being considered “also-ran” (old news).
  • jon rubinstein, former top apple engineer and the original head of the iPod division, doesn’t think palm needs to be as big as its competitors to succeed, citing apple’s succes as a niche company in the computer business
  • palm should however sell verizon and at&t the pre phone in the next year or so.
  • when the pre first came out, tech bloggers thought it was the best thing since the iPhone. then android buzz started and they flip flopped their predictions.
  • apple has 100,000 apps, android has 10,00o apps, palm has just 300 — “you develop for the iPhone first and for android second, then for palm or not,” says one analyst.
  • rubinstein thinks quality over quantity will prevail, whose palm app catalog will run on the same webOS system used to make web sites.
  • rubinstein also admits the pre is “general product,” compared to android, designed for the “techie audience.”
  • the release of the pixi will cost less than most android phones and will also compete w/ the blackberry curve (palm is trying to have similar success to what it had w/ its centro phone).
  • still, assuming palm adds carriers in the US, it would then still only own 5% of the smartphone market.


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November 17, 2009 at 4:32 am

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