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“apple will soon overtake RIM in consumer smartphone market”

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an RIM blackberry next to an apple iPhone

  • as of last week, reported statistics showed that smartphones are now more popular than feature phones for consumers (vs. business use).
  • within that market, the iPhone is closing the gap between it and the blackberry.
  • analysts are now predicting apple will overtake RIM (blackberry’s manufacturer) in this new smartphone market — this is especially significant given the shift of the web from PC to phones.
  • RIM owns 40% of this market share, while apple owns 30% (apple has gained 5% since the iPhone 3GS release in june).
  • while RIM remains the market leader in terms of # of devices, the iPhone alone accounts for 48% of all smartphone (web) traffic.
  • according to the same report, 74% of iPhone users are “very satisfied” with their smartphone; less than half of RIM device owners felt the same.
  • 2010 marks the first year smart phones are poised to hit the mainstream market.
  • of the top 10 mobile phones in the US, 1/2 are touch screen, 6 can do wi-fi and 6 have app stores (w/ apple leading the way on all of those).
  • essentially, the RIM devices still maintain popularity in the workplace, w/ apple has total control over the consumer market.


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November 3, 2009 at 5:41 am

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