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“google voice ‘lite’ — no new number required”

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google voice 'lite'

  • the standard “google voice” connects multiple phone lines, transcribes voice mails into text messages, blocks telemarketers, etc. has been talked about for months.
  • the cost of such a sweet service is rather high — people have to get a new phone, and perhaps even more inconvenient, a new phone #.
  • in an attempt to attract more google voice users, the company is now offering a smaller ‘lite’ version of google voice features, which DOES NOT require users to get a new phone #.
  • these new lite users would be able to get rid of their old voice mail service and replace it w/ google voice lite as an alternative.
  • lite users will be able to play their new voice mails online or read them online. they’ll also be able to forward their voice mails to their email account (gmail would  be most google voice-friendly email account to have for this) or read them as a text message (like spinvox).
  • once online, voice mails will be able to be saved and shared w/ others.
  • apparently, a lot of users, bloggers and hackers were able to do this already — all google really did was embrace their user innovations.
  • this is how they did it: using call forwarding features provided by  carrier networks, they had people forward voice mails to their google voice # (admittedly, users already had to have a google voice #).
  • a google representative said google’s approach to the pre-existing technique and doesn’t require users to sign up for google voice.


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October 27, 2009 at 10:33 pm

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