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“google links up with verizon to fight apple”

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new android handset

new android handset

  • in the next few weeks, verizon and google will release new “android handsets” w/ preloaded apps on verizon’s unbeatable carrier network
  • finally, the best service provider will be offering the type of “next-generation mobile phone” that rival carrier networks at&t and t-mobile have had available for over a year
  • one question users are asking is whether or not the android app store will be nixed in favor of a new verizon app store and also, how google and verizon will split profits (the two companies are “frenemies,” essentially only teaming up to combat the iPhone)
  • all of this is in the wake of apple not accepting the “google voice” app from google — google is out for revenge and google voice WILL in fact be on the first android phone through verizon, based on an agreement the two companies made over a year ago
  • the author of the article is also curious to see if verizon will apply android technology to some of its wired networks


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October 6, 2009 at 5:30 pm

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