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“at&t says f.c.c. neutrality suggests a ‘bait and switch’ “

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julius genachowski, pres. of f.c.c.

julius genachowski, pres. of f.c.c.

-out of the 3 major wireless phone service providers (at&t, verizon and sprint), only at&t has any beef w/ the f.c.c.’s decision to make network neutrality rules drafted in 2005 now apply “explicitly” to wireless networks as well (it used to only apply to wired networks)

-the f.c.c. has set up a web site of its own where visitors can watch the president of the commission speak and voice their opinion on the issue:

-at&t’s main argument is that mainly b/c of its competitive environment, it doesn’t need rules and regulations regarding their wireless service (this coming from the most expensive cell phone co. that forces customers to still sign a 2-year contract).

-the main area where at&t would be hit hardest should these regulations go into effect is the amount they charge customers for the use of wireless data. “data,” i.e. free wireless on your cell phone, is one of the co.’s biggest moneymakers, esp. w/ the iphone. smaller cell phone co.’s such as cincinnati bell offer unlimited data for as low as $15 a month.

-at&t went out of its way to call out the f.c.c. for this, among other complaints regarding the conditions that accompany winning an auction put on by the commission that surface after the auction is over (the bait and switch).

-this is as recent as 9/21. it will be interesting to see how this issue plays out w/ at&t and the f.c.c. after 2010 when apple’s contract w/ the wireless service provider runs out.


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