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“unofficial software incurs apple’s wrath”

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a jailbroken iphone
a jailbroken iphone
  • may 12, 2009 new york times technology article
  • the increasing number of iphone owners who choose to jailbreak their iphone — by downloading software to bypass apple’s limits on what iphones are capable of to install unofficial user-created programs —  has begun a war between the california based company and users and developers who feel they have the right to customize their iphones however they want to
  • for these  innovative users, apple’s 35,000 apps available for purchase in the app store aren’t enough
  • apple feels that it has the right to decide what can be put on iphones and argues that jailbreaking iphones violate the digital millenium copyright act and make iphones unreliable
  • since jailbroken app stores don’t circulate anything belonging to apple, some people feel that these iphone users aren’t infringing on any copyrights
  • jay freeman, creator of cydia — one of the most popular jailbroken app stores — says that most people who jailbreak their iphones do so to change their phone’s interface or to add basic features and functions apple doesn’t yet offer
  • ex: video recording, 24/7 wi-fi, photos for contacts, tethering etc.
  • according to freeman, as of april 2009, of the 37 million iphones sold by apple, 2.3 million had cydia installed on them
  • to counter these iphone users, apple has released new operating system software that can “brick” jailbroken iphones, or render them useless (however, a hydra effect, or whack-a-mole phenomenon has occurred)
  • the electronic frontier foundation — which advocates a laissez-fare policy on the internet — thinks that apple’s real motivation to pursue these iphone hackers is to decrease competition with its app store, which will have made $617 million by the end of 2009
  • one nyu economics professor says that “it’s hard to see where apple is being harmed by this” since jailbreakers aren’t trying to make $
  • what do you think?


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